Wedding on Lake Garda

So are you thinking to get married abroad? Your wedding on Lake Garda (also Lago di Garda in Italian) could be truly memorable and something very different than usual. Lake Garda, located between Veneto, Lombardia and Trentino Alto Adige, is the biggest – and likely the most suggestive – lake in Italy.

This unique place is featured not only by its quaint views of sky, water, and mountains but also by his typical Italian architecture: stately Medieval castles, romantic renaissance villas, and villages built by the edges of the lake. Along their characteristic narrow roads, you can find numerous shops and restaurants with their wine cellar and a breathtaking lake view.

If you prefer to enjoy nature you will not be disappointed: this place is studded with parks, gardens with lemon trees and olive groves.

Lake Garda is the most famous wedding destination in Italy thanks to the astonishing wedding venues and the mediterranean climate. The blue sky of summer and the mountains reflected in the clear water will transform your wedding into the most romantic wedding you can ever have.

The possibilities are endless: you can eat a typical food dish by the shore, wander around in nature, visit and learn the history of villages and buildings, sip a glass of prosecco on a boat in the middle of the lake and much more.

It is true what they say about Italian hospitality: local people are friendly and happy to offer you the most exciting experience for your most important day of your life. We all love tourists and our Lago di Garda! Check our wedding venues in Lake Garda!